The Root Cause of Cancer No One Knows (It’s Been HIDDEN Since the 1930s)

For so many years, many people believe that cause of cancer is DNA damage. There has been some misunderstanding about this. There still no evidence that DNA damage can turn a cell to be cancerous. The truth is, DNA damage is the result of cancer root. 


For the last two centuries, there have been many discoveries in the field of cancer.

In 1890, William Russell found that there microbes inside and outside cancer cells. It was discovered later on that the microbes inside cancer cells were “pleomorphic” that can change size and shapes depending the on environmental condition.

In 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his theory that explains that the defining characteristic of cancer cells was low “ATP energy” (ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is nucleoside that perform many important roles in the cells)

In 1930, Dr.Royal Rife made a break through discovery with his frequency healing machine. Dr. Rife found that if the microorganism inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will then return into normal cells. The machine worked by using certain frequencies to destroy the microorganism.

Dr. Rife deserve a Nobel Prize for his discovery. It could even change the whole cancer treatment and survival rate of cancer patients. But instead of awarded for his discoveries, Dr. Rife’s Project got shut down by the request from Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). His lab and inventions were destroyed.

There is something strange here, isn’t it? Dr. Rife made a great discovery and created a frequency based machine that has 100% cure rate (Read more on Rife Videos) but the project got shut down. Why did it happen?

It seems like the conventional medicine and pharmaceutical industry have different interest compare to Dr. Rife. If the industry really serious about finding an effective way for cancer treatment, they wouldn’t vote to stop Dr. Rife’s project. Instead of attacking the exceptional researcher, they should have support and even invest in the invention.

All this time, we believe that everyone in the health industry including the FDA and AMA are trying ther best to find a better way to cure cancer. But now that we know how they treated a breakthrough discovery for cancer treatment, it is obvious that the industry will do all their mighty to ensure that their profit in selling their product won’t get decrease.

This is a sad reality we got to face. There has been huge misleading information about the best way of curing cancer. The worst part is the ones who create it all are those who have the authority and responsibility to provide the best treatment for cancer patient.

The Food and Drug Administration is more like a private police of the pharmaceutical industry. Their main concern is to ensure their profit in selling their chemical is protected. Instead of working together with researcher to find an improvement in cancer treatment methodology, they responded badly when there’s an invention that can help curing cancer.

Dr. Rife machine works based n frequency and therefore cannot be patented. Anything that fall in the public domain cannot be patented. No patent means no money to dig. Seems like for FDA and AMA, it’s not the field they’re interested to explore.

Nowadays, researcher should have more knowledge about natural cancer cure than back in 1930. However, there’s so few people looking for natural remedies for cancer treatment.

A group of scientists at the ICRF (Independent Cancer Research foundation) – a non-profit foundation investigating natural medicine are the ones who found that microbes inside cancer cells are blocking the ATP energy.

Having this knowledge in hand, they were able to develop more than 25 natural cancer remedies that targets to kill microbes inside the cancel cells and make the cells return back into a normal cells just like Dr. Rife did with the frequency machine.

Inspired by Dr. Rife frequency machine, the scientist also invented a similar equipment called “High RF Frequency Devide” as can be seen in Cancer Tutor Website. Cancer Tutor is the main website of ICRF.

How Microbes Inside Cells Can Cause Cancer

The scientist found that microbes inside cancer cell block the production of ATP energy. But how it actually happens?

Before we get into that, let us first take a look at how the ATP energy created in healthy cells.

Step 1 : In a normal cells, glucose receptor allow glucose inside cells

Step 2 : This glucose is converted into pyruvate in a 10 step chemical reaction

Step 3 : The pyruvate enter the cells in mitochondria

Step 4 : This is the beginning chain reaction of the pyruvate that called the “Citric Acid Cycle” or Krebs Cycle.

Step 5 : At this stage a second chemical chain reaction called “Electron Transport Chain” begins.

That’s how most of the ATP energy within cells is created.

Here are the most important thing to note. Though the microbes intercept most of the glucose, the amount of glucose receptor in cancer cell are still 15 times more than the glucose in normal cells. So in cancer cells, less of the glucose actually gets into mitochondria even though the amount of glucose is far more than in normal cells.

The low amount of available glucose make it has less pyruvate and thus a cancer cells has lower ATP energy.

Does DNA Damage Really Can Cause Cancer?

Now, let’s get into the relation between cancer cells and DNA Damage. The Virginia Livingston team of natural medicine cancer researcher found that at least one microbe inside the cancer cell goes through the cell nucleus (this is where DNA is located).

There seem to be a mix between the DNA of the cancer microbes with the DNA of the cell. The mix may modify the DNA of the cancer cells and in the end cause DNA damage. In conventional medicine, that is the basis of the “gene therapy”.

However, it’s not DNA damage that causes the cells to be cancerous. DNA damage is only a symptom of the microbes’ presence.

American Cancer Society has tried to fix the DNA damage. This action actually has no clear purpose. But the attempt at least makes people think that they are really trying to find a way to cure cancer. But the fact is, they have no intention to do so. If they were really serious about finding a cure for cancer, they would have hired scientist from ICRF and would already have 25 ways to cure cancer.

If they really want to find a cure for cancer they can review Dr. Rife’s discovery and invention. The researcher at ICRF have found 25 different ways to kill microbe while they are inside the cancer cells and then  make the cells return back to normal cells.

On the Cancer Tutor site, there’s a methodology that called The Dirt Cheap Protocol. That is really how they call it because some people are unable to afford the natural cancer treatment. One of the protocols is Honey and Turmeric Protocol. Since cancer cells have more glucose receptor, it is attracted to honey. At a certain degree, honey can kill microbes inside the cancer cells. To make it more effective, combine honey with turmeric to exterminate the microbes.

There are over a dozen techniques that can be applied from the Dirt Cheap Protocol that you can find on the Cancer Tutor website.

There are many natural medicine clinics run by medical doctor who turn to natural medicine. They use traditional methods as well as technology to cure cancer. You can consider it as an alternative to the conventional medicine most people use that cost whole lot more money but are not more effective.

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