This is just the top of the list of toxic food products which should be avoided, according to the opinion of foreign and domestic nutritionist.

The biggest enemy of health is the processed food with many additives, and it is still unknown which are the long term effects of these food consuming – said Rachael Harvest, a nutritionist from New York.

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The hot dogs are equally undesirable in the nutrition, sausages and salami as well, because the processed meat full with grease, and can contain up to 40 percent more salt and 50 percent more preservatives than the ordinary meat, and in order to disguise the salinity they add dextrose to the products.

-Many people do not know that parizer and salami are not the same. Parizer salami can contain only the meat protein, while the sausages may contain soy, gluten and skin. The case is the same with Tyrolean and Alpine sausages. Tyrol contains only the meat proteins, and Alpine has proteins from other origin – says Milovan Brkic, food technologist in one Food Company.

He explains that pizza hams are processed and of poor quality because for them is used the worse meat type which is hydrogenated and then pulverized in order to hide the huge percentage of water.

Branka Mirkovic, nutritionist, says that the industrial processed food has no nutritional value.

-It has too much salt and sugar, artificial colors, which the body cannot process. The processing during which various flavours are added are used in the meat and dairy industry too. Nowadays you have a margarine with butter flavor, low – fat cheese from processed vegetable oil. All that is unhealthy, burdens the liver and the kidneys, clogs the arteries and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke – says Markovic

What should we avoid?


The cheapest and worst neat categories are used to make pate in which skin, bone, hooves, and cartilages are used… More than half of the pate is full of water, fat, skin, offal, starch, salt, spices, emulsifiers and other chemicals, while in some pate types there are barely 30 percent of meat.

There is a great amount of salt in the pate. Especially the intestine pates should be avoided because they are with lower quality more than those in cans.


Margarine is made from vegetable oils, which are extracted from the sunflower seeds with the help of chemicals. The high temperature in the oil processing process destroys all of the vitamins and anti-oxidants that it has, and leads to the formation of free radicals that can cause major damage to the cells and increase the risk of cancer. These oils are unhealthy from the beginning and by adding of new chemicals they turn into solid state, causing trans-fatty acids, for which is proven to be very harmful for the health.


This cheese is not made from pure cheese, but from what remains in the process of cheese production. In fact, there is only 50 percent cheese, and the rest are whey protein, water, fat, emulsifiers and artificial colors in order to make the final product with more truthful taste. In this cheese there is twice more salt than usual while there is fat more than any other dairy product. All probiotics and other bacteria that have positive effect on our organism are killed during the melting process.


On the list of especially unhealthy food are popcorn for microwave, because they contain a chemical for which is proven to increase the risk of cancer, impacts to fertility and interfere on the kidney function. Many microwave popcorn contain artificial flavors and trans-fatty acids, and other chemicals that can cause headache and nausea. The recommendation by the nutritionist is that those people who love eating popcorn should make them in the traditional way- in a saucepan on the stove.


All offal, skin, nails, hooves, intestines, blood vessels, cartilage, fat, bones, ligaments, and the worst quality of meat melted beyond recognition. Then the vegetables, soy, spices, starch, water, a lot of salt, sodium nitrate preservative are added in order to make the product more durable, then potassium and calcium phosphate esters, polyphosphates, sodium ascorbate and lipstick – color which is found in lipsticks and pepper extract. And the result is wiener.

What do they contain inside.

Sodium nitrite

It is a spice and preservative that is commonly used in meat products such as bacon, sausage and ham. Experts link it with increased risk of cancer, and there are studies that show that it can cause heart problems.


This additive is among the most damaging. Products in liquid state provides a uniform and adequate level of density, while it is put in delicatessen products to tie as much water in order to be more heavy. It is a potential treat for colon cancer.


Polyphosphates are very common in local delicatessen products, and manufacturers not seem to mind that their excessive ingestion in the body may cause mutations in genes.

Monosodium glutamate

Its role is to give better taste to the products, which is why it is called “delicious poison”. Today it is almost impossible to find a finished product does not contain it. It disturbs the function of hormones, produces hyperactivity in children, leads to chronic fatigue, sudden changes in blood pressure, headaches.

Trans-fatty acids

It is an artificial fat which is added to processed food in order to prolong its duration. Trans-fatty acids increase the harmful cholesterol LDL cholesterol and decrease the good HDL, increase the risk of possible heart disease and stroke, and they block the arteries too.

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