Chinese People Recommend- Tao Diet and Eating Rules for a Fit and Energized Body

Since the body is exposed to changes, it is highly important to listen to it and provide it with the necessary changes and needs.

Tao diet isn’t considered as the true diet, but as the original way of eating that doesn’t make you frustrated. Proper health isn’t always accompanied by pleasure, but with the help of these rules you will be healthier, you will better, you will balance your diet and will improve your silhouette – in just a few weeks. So what are you waiting for ? Start as soon as possible!


  1. Put your vegetables to the middle of your plate

By Taoism, plants transmit their energy to the nature. All kinds of vegetables should be in the center of your plate and should dominate in your diet. It is recommended to eat vegetables from the country where you live. Consume fruits two times a day, apart from your meal.

  1. Avoid hard digesting food

Chinese people avoid milk products, sugar, fat milk, and other types of fats. These foods are hard to digest and can make your organism work harder. In addition, they retain the water in your body.

  1. There is another way of cutting and cooking

Consumption of raw food is not recommended. Also, the food you eat should be cut into small pieces, while vegetable should be fried under high temperature with less oil. With this kind of cooking, the food remains full of vitamins and is digeststed fastly. Alternatively, you can cook with steam.

  1. Food shouldn’t be too hot or too cold

Food that have much higher or much lower temperature than the body temperature, such as cold drinks, ice-creams or hot soups, may be detrimental for your organism. The ideal temperature for your food is the room temperature.

  1. Drink properly

Drink more than 1 litre of liquids a day in order to supply your tissues with

the necessary quantity of water. Also, you shouldn’t drink anything during or after a meal because in that way, you dilute the acid in your stomach which is harmful for the digestion. Chinese people consider herbal teas, especially the green tea, as very beneficial drinks. Tea should be at 70ºC, not higher than that. Moreover, you should totally avoid the coffee, carbonated drinks and artificial juices.

  1. Chew your food properly

Digesting begins in your mouth with the help of the saliva enzymes. You should chew each bite 15-20 times, and it will be enough to reduce the intake of food and to lose some weight over time.

  1. Forget about the unhealthy food

If you always nibble something, your digestive tract never makes a rest. And when it works constantly, it doesn’t get faster, but it gets slower. This can lead to accumulation of unwanted kilograms, bloated feeling and disruption in digestion. That’s why there should be a 5-6 hours gap between two meals. Also, for dinner, you should consume something that is easy for digestion, and if you crave for food, it’s better to take a herbal tea.

  1. Eat less

The point of the Tao diet is not to upset your stomach. Fill only 75% of its capacity – half of it with solid food, 1/4 with fluids and leave the last 1/4 empty. You should eat in silence and you should be fully conscious about what you consume.

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