Every Woman’s Dream: This Seed Reduces Weight And Increases Breast Naturally!

It sounds like an every woman’s dream who wants bigger breasts, and a few inches slimmer waist.

It may sound impossible, but tilchek seeds are the best beverage for every woman.

It increases the breasts because it contains phytoestrogen which affects water retention in the tissue, and also this magical seeds can reduce PMS pain.

Because of the useful effects for the uterus, these seeds are recommended to consume few days before having labor, because they encourage contractions and facilitate the act of birth.

Tilchek seeds are an old remedy that was prescribed to men to boost fertility.

This seed is also used in treating high blood pressure, allergies, blood sugar, stimulate metabolism, eject the secret from the chest and sinuses etc.

But this herb has one flaw – it has very spicy and sharp flavor, so you will have to gradually get used to the taste.

Tilchek Tea Preparation:

Put 2 tablespoons of tilchek seeds in 2dl water. Boil them, and let them stay covered in the pot for 20 minutes with occasional stirring, then strain.

Take small sips while drinking.

How to prepare tilchek powder?

You can cook the seeds like broth or grind them into powder, and eat half a teaspoon a day.

This is the best remedy to improve digestion. You can find the seeds in nearly every healthy food store.

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