These Habits Diminish Your Energy: Learn How To Quit Them

You are constantly feeling tired and do not understand why? The reason for this is that we have habits that drain our energy and do not know how to avoid them. But the solution is very simple – all you need is the will. In addition,

we present 10 habits that drain your energy and solutions proposed by the Dalai Lama, for each of them.


  1. Fulfill your promises
    Do not give promises you cannot fulfill. Trying to be good, you have destroyed the good word for you. Well, if you promise something, make sure you do it.
  2. Avoid toxic people
    Many times wanting to help someone, you are finished with complaints and negative energy from others. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid poisonous and negative people.
  3. Pay your debts on time
    “Do not owe anyone” needs to be your life motto. Always pay your bills on time. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  4. You need to learn how to forgive
    If you choose to live without forgiveness, you choose to suffer. Instead poisoned with hatred, choose to forgive and continue on, whether someone deserves your forgiveness or not.
  5. Focus on what you want
    Sometimes things that do not enjoy are necessary, but whenever possible postpone the tasks you do not like them and concentrate on your passion.
  6. Time for every purpose
    There is a time for rest and time for action. Both are equally important in your life, do not forget it.
  7. Don’t collect old things… renew it!
    If you want to allow the life to flow, do not trap it. Start by resetting your room or renewing your wardrobe. Your home is a reflection of your energy, and clutter is blocking its natural flow. So if you want to clear your mind, start by cleaning the clutter in your space.
  8. Face the disaster
    Do not hide from confrontations. If something bothers you, speak up and remove from your life. Do not wait for a solution to fall from the sky. It is usually up to you, you just have to ask for it.
  9. Pay attention to health
    Even the most brilliant mind can not function without good health. Those who care for the physical and mental health are much happier. Spend enough time taking care of your body.
  10. Let life goes on
    You are part of everything and everything is part of you. Stop struggling with life, accept it and allow yourself to be carried away by the course. Just remember that you are the one who controls the ship.

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