Do You Know The Purple Corn? These Are Its Powerful Benefits!

Also called blue corn, the purple corn is of the same spice as the yellow corn, but with the simple difference that it contains an anthocyanin denomianda “cyanidin-3-b-glucose”, which is found throughout the composition of this powerful plant. The purple corn, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and also prevents cancer. Know below all about the powerful benefits of purple corn.

Benefits of purple corn

This powerful vegetable, is full of properties and benefits that greatly help our health.

Know below all the benefits of purple corn.

1. It has anticancer properties

Researchers at Ohio State University conducted certain studies on the basis of purple maize, in which they determined that the anthocyanins present in the latter were able to destroy up to 20% of the cancer cells in vitro.

The anticancer properties of red corn were compared to those of other powerful foods, such as grapes, carrots, radishes and berries.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the main benefits of purple corn.

2. Combat obesity

Studies conducted at the University of Doshisha in Japan found that purple corn possesses powerful properties when it comes to fighting obesity.

3. Powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Research at the University of Tokai Gakuen in Japan showed that anthocyanins present in purple maize possess wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, an inherent benefit of this powerful natural colorant.

This is another of the most recognized benefits of purple corn.

In addition to all the benefits of the purple corn that we have already named you, this powerful vegetable is also very good for:

-Reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure
-Fight diabetes
-Levels of blood sugar

Start NOW to incorporate this powerful food into your daily diet!

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