How To Walk In High Heels

If you wear high heels, they can help your standing legs look slimmer, flatter stomach, a femininity unstoppable.

They can also do wonders for your gait, or walk in high heels is not natural talent – it’s an improved and acquired skill and by exercise and discipline.

Start from scratch and slowly abounding.
Do not go from a never wearing heels sandals, to wearing high heels 10cm. There are many types of heels, which vary in height, thickness and shape, as you choose. Exercising your feet will allow your wrists to gain strength they need to walk in high heels safely and gracefully.
– Start with shoes which have a wide range, a lower heel (about 5cm), and which are stable. You can take the boots.
– Then, learn how to walk on lower heels (heels low, thin heels, what are usually the sandals.) You need to learn to maintain a balance.
– Go with boots with a higher (or thicker) heels. They will help you to get you used to the slope, and the thickness of stilettos and fixation which gives the boot will make your transition.
– Try shoes with platforms that extend along the entire shoe sole, which gives you extra stability and comfort, but also the possibility of getting used to the fact that your heel is above the toes. They are not stable as boots, but if you buy these shoes with spice, then they are a good transition for the high, thin heels.
– Wear high queen of heels. High, thin heels, also known as spike heels, 7-10cm heels will give you all the benefits of wearing high heels; everything is more of a homework and you feel much more pain for a little more beauty.

Carefully select your shoes.
Not all shoes are equal. Standing in his shoes on a hard surface and straighten your knees and see if you can raise the fingers 2-3cm. If you cannot, stilettos are you at the moment a lot of high and should not wear them. If you try to wear such a high heels, you will end up by walking with your knees bent, and this is certainly the way of feeling such a pain, not to mention you’ll look pretty funny as well. You’ll also want to put something soften in your shoes you have enough space so that you can later add them cartridges.

Go step by step.
Walking on very high heels is not like walking what you learned when you were little, so you’ll need to do a couple of things that you can do the opposite of what you would naturally do this:
– Walk a short, slow steps, and take care not to bend your knees more than you normally would. You will notice that you shorten the heels a little step. What heels are over, it will be shorter your stride.
– First, lower heel, and toes (do not hang them simultaneously, and not the first to release the fingers). When your weight is on the pads of the feet, move it forward, like walking on tiptoe.
– Keep your legs together. Models from catwalks will often walk so as to put one foot in front of the other allowing their hips give greater momentum, or that you have mastered this, you need to practice.
– Stand with you the fifth one foot touches the central part of the other, while still being at an oblique angle in relation to it. Keep your weight is on the toes, which is behind, and when the leg gets tired, switch to the other leg.

Practice. Before you put on your shoes and go out in them, try wearing them around the house. Used to this way of wearing them, you will make the soles of bumps, so it is less skate. Be sure to practice all the things you normally do while walking, for example:
– Change the direction of movement. Walk, stop, and turn around in a circle and a little walk.
– Expose your heels a variety of surfaces. You’ll probably have to walk on the floors and carpets, and one day you will expect to walk on a slippery wooden floor – all to be able to do that is practice.
– Dance. If you plan to wear high heels at a club or a party where you know in advance that you will dance, then dance to at their own pace in their home until it becomes comfortable to do it on your heels.
– Remember the stairs! When you come down the stairs, every step toes entire foot, but when you go up the stairs, just step on the cheekbones. Gracefully hold the handle, just in case.
– Walking in high heels in the house is completely different from walking on the same team heels outside. No soft carpet or a flat surface in a flat linoleum or wood, walking in heels can be ten times harder. Even the slightest unevenness in the asphalt may pose difficulties, so try several trips outside his home. A good place to practice once mastered walking in front of the house is to carry them to the supermarket. To balance use the stroller!

Extra advice:
Add pads (or pad) wherever there is enough pressure and/or friction. Pads made in different shapes and made of different materials affixed to the inside of the shoes to a more comfortable walking. Use them as you will. Relax your feet. Sit down every twenty minutes. If you’re in the bathroom – sit. Do not take your shoes because you will only worsen the pain also. The feet will swell a little when you remove it, and will, therefore, be more difficult to adjust them later.

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