Do This For 5 Minutes Before Bath To Get Clear Flawless Skin In Just A Week

Skin complexion doesn’t matter, flawless glowing skin attracts everyone towards you. Today I will tell you one trick that can help you here.  This is 100% natural trick and works for all skin types. Although you can use it for all skin types it is always advisable to first do a patch test on your hands

 For this remedy, you will need

  • Lemon
  •  Sugar
  •  Aloe vera gel

What to do:

  • Take 1 spoon sugar in a bowl
  • Now take half part of lemon and remove its seeds
  • Press this lemon on sugar, so sugar granules will stick to this
  • 10 minutes before bath time, rub this lemon on your face for 3-4 minutes and then leave it for 5 minutes
  • Do this exercise on every alternate day

Tip – To get the maximum result after the bath apply a layer of aloe vera gel all over your face and then wash it after 30 minutes. No massage required, just apply a thick layer of gel on your face and let it do some magic on your face

Here Lemon will act as a natural bleaching agent, will deep clean your skin pores. Sugar will act as a skin whitener and will also remove dead skin layer from your face. Sugar is also very effective in tightening your skin and will hide all aging signs like wrinkles, blemishes on your skin

Aloe vera gel will remove spots and scars from your face, will also act as natural moisturizer

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