Here are 5 things that the body tells you with excessive perspiration!

Regardless of the season and how hot it is, if you are flooded with your own sweat, you should know what this means:


You are under stress

When you are under stress, the sweat creates large sweat glands, which are found only on certain parts of the body, such as under the armpit. The sweat consists of fats and proteins that interfere with the bacteria on your skin and thus create an unpleasant smell.

Risk of heat stroke

If you take a walk on a hot summer day and suddenly at some point you no longer feel that you sweat and start to feel dizzy. At that moment you should immediately hydrate your body with water. If you don’t take in some water, you are in danger of heatstroke. Take cover in a shade or in air-conditioned room and have some water. It is harmful to your health if you drink an alcoholic beverage or drink with caffeine because they raise dehydration.

Your blood sugar dropped

Increased sweating is also a symptom of a sudden drop in the blood sugar. This problem can easily be solved with consumption of chocolate or any kind of candy that you find at hand, but use it in moderation.

You are pregnant or entering menopause

If there is a possibility you are pregnant or you are about to enter the menopause, then pay attention to perspiration. All processes in the body that affect the endocrine system can cause excessive sweating. This is what happens in most women entering the menopause and battling with the waves of heat that overwhelm them.

You have hiperhidrosis

If you sweat in times when you should not, i.e.when you are sitting still in cold rooms, then, you have hiperhidrosis. Then sweating is increased to the extent that in such moments that sweat drains from your palms.

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